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VMAR NOUVO 1300 EP ARF ECS - 51in ELECTRIC - RED  [ 61109]

VMAR NOUVO 1300 EP ARF ECS - 51in ELECTRIC - RED [ 61109]

Part # VMA-N210R (rn_cr)

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  • The VMAR Nouvo 1300EP 51 in. Electric ARF offers the best in Electric flight at a very affordable entry level price!

    The Nouvo 1300EP is entirely laser cut and built up from Balsa and Light Ply. There is NO FOAM!  Better yet we've incorporated the VMAR power module system for easy power plant installation and covered the Nouvo with POLYCOTE ECS. With a one-piece factory assembled flat bottom wing and mild dihedral the VMAR Nouvo is perfect for training.  

    Simple to transport and perfect for small fields. When equipped with a 1800 mAh 3cell LiPo battery and a brushless motor the VMAR Nouvo 1300EP can fly for 10 minutes and much longer when throttled back!

    NOUVO... EZ to Buy!  EZ to Fly!



    Laser Cut using our state of the art precision cutting system. Nothing beats Laser Cutting for precision.

    The Nouvo 1300EP is factory covered with our revolutionary Ultratough POLYCOTE ECS Enhanced Covering System.

    What is POLYCOTE ECS?

    POLYCOTE ECS is a brand new Enhanced Covering System engineered in Canada specifically for use only on VMAR ARF models!

    POLYCOTE ECS is a complete proprietary system that utilizes Ultratough Polyester, enhanced graphics and detailing inside the covering and very minimal Sure Seal Seams to produce a totally fuel proof, high strength, lightweight, ultra durable covering.

    POLYCOTE ECS is toughest polyester based system ever  used on a model! The graphics and detailing are inside the POLYCOTE... not stuck on top! No Decals! No Layers! No Strips! No Stripes! No Drag!

    The VMAR Nouvo 1300EP 51 in. Electric ARF utilizes POLYCOTE ECS to ensure that you have the best in covering and that the detailed graphics stays looking as good as new for the life of the model! 


    High Visibility Graphics!

    Covered with POLYCOTE ECS to give you a strikingly beautiful and high visiblity model without the need for decals! All the graphics are inside the covering!


    • Cowl!

    • Flaperon Ready!

    • Pre-hinged Control Surfaces... Factory Installed and Pinned!

    Quality Engineered by Modelers for Modelers!

    Only from VMAR Manufacturing... setting the standard in Affordable RC products.


    • Power Module for easy motor installation!

    • Pre-installed Pushrods and Control Surfaces!

    • Hardware & Wheels!

    • Full Color Illustrated Assembly Manual!


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    2008-02-03 09:11:34

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