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The VMAR DORNIER 45-61 SEMISCALE ARF ECS is a near scale rendition of Europe's most popular trainer! We have used a high semi-symmetrical wing and no dihedral to produce a model that will appeal to modellers looking for an advanced trainer or a unique semi-scale model capable of many maneuvers.

The VMAR DORNIER 45-61 SEMISCALE ARF ECS utilizes the revolutionary Ultratough POLYCOTE ECS Enhanced Covering System and is based as closely as possible on the color and graphics schema of a real Dornier DO27. AVAILABLE IN MILITARY AND CIVILIAN (Pirelli) Graphics Schemas.


POLYCOTE ECS is a brand new Enhanced Covering System engineered in Canada specifically for use only on VMAR ARF models!

POLYCOTE ECS is a complete proprietary system that utilizes Ultratough Polyester, enhanced graphics and detailing inside the covering and very minimal Sure Seal Seams to produce a totally fuel proof, high strength, lightweight, ultra durable covering.

POLYCOTE ECS is toughest polyester based system ever  used on a model! The graphics and detailing are inside the POLYCOTE... not stuck on top! No Decals! No Layers! No Strips! No Stripes! No Drag!

The new VMAR DORNIER 45-61 SEMISCALE ARF ECS utilizes POLYCOTE ECS to ensure that you have the best in covering and that the detailed graphics stays looking as good as new for the life of the model! 

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POLYCOTE ECS... Only from VMAR Manufacturing!

Affordable RC Products... Engineered by Modellers... for Modellers!  

Available in Civilian (Pirelli) Schema....

... and Military Schema!

(click on image for more hi-res pictures)

Cloth Suited Pilot and Cockpit Detailing!

Pre-installed Cockpit detailing including instrument panel, formed seats, seat belts and cloth suited pilot!

The Graphics are inside the POLYCOTE ECS Enhanced Covering System! Note the scalloped camouflage edges and detailing all factory done without overlays and no decals!

Detailed Scale like graphics! Rivets, panel lines etc. All detailing inside the POLYCOTE Enhanced Covering System. With the POLYCOTE ECS Enhanced Graphics System there is NO seam between the flame red tip and the main body of the wing.

Pre-finished fibreglass cowl! No painting required! Epoxy painted graphics that match the full size version! Complete with formed exhaust outlets! 

All Wood Construction! No Foam! No Plastic!

In addition to using POLYCOTE ECS, nothing even comes close to the incredible scale detailing offered by VMAR! Complete with color gradients and shades without the use of decals!


Quality Engineered by Modelers for Modelers!

Only from VMAR Manufacturing... setting the standard in Affordable RC products.

Incredible Detailing! Top Quality! Terrific Value! Get your order in today!


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