Plastic Model Cement is a longstanding favorite way to assemble plastic model cars, plastic model airplanes, figures etc. As a ZAP branded product, ZAP Plastic Model Cement contains a full 1oz (29.5 ml) of adhesive to provide more value. Works best on Styrene and also works on Aluminum, China, Cloth, Fiberglass, Metal, most other Plastics, Pottery, Rubber and Wood.

Helpful Hints: 

Carefully follow instructions on the tube.

Only for use by or in the presence of a supervising adult. Children should NOT use Plastic Model Cement unattended. Use in a well ventilated area.

When using Plastic Model Cement to glue styrene and most other plastics, the cement works by softening the surface(s) of the plastic part(s) where the cement is applied, so that the softened plastic on each part can be joined together. As the cement dries the softened plastic hardens and forms a hard plastic bond between the parts.

Apply carefully. When trying to apply small amounts, use a tooth pick or other small applicator.

Avoid sloppy application of Plastic Model Cement to prevent marking of the plastic surface.