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Span: 66-1/4 in
Area: 740 sq in
Airfoil: Symmetrical
Length: 54-1/2 in
Flying Weight (Dry): 7.5 lbs
Engine: .53 - 90 2 stroke
Radio: 4ch with 5 servos
Main Gear: Wire
Retracts: Retract Ready
Cowl: Yes - Fibreglass
First Introduced: Summer 1998
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If you've always wanted to get into competition Pattern but you've never had the building time or the cash, the new VMAR AVENGER is for you! First of all it's Almost Ready to Fly! All you have to do is install your engine and radio, glue in the airfoil tail feathers, plug in the wing and you are ready to go! YES the tail surfaces are true flying airfoil surfacts! YES the wing plugs in! A super strong aluminum tube spar system ensures that the wing integrity and alignment is second to none! NO the AVENGER does not cost an arm and a leg! In fact the price is the best part!   The Avenger is a pattern flyers breakthrough from...VMAR Manufacturing... Makers of THE WORLDS MOST AFFORDABLE, FASTEST GROWING LINE OF QUALITY ARF KITS!



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Avenger #VMA-A0026






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