Standard Flight Time LiPo Battery Pack

Extended Long Duration Flight Time LiPo Battery Packs

Other POLYPRO LiPo Battery Packs.

The three packs listed above have been tested with our models and found to offer excellent performance. We are not able to recommend other voltages or capacities but recognize that modelers may wish to experiment on their own. For a listing of other POLYPRO LiPo Battery Packs please click >>> POLYPRO Battery Packs

Connectors for POLYPRO battery packs.

POLYPRO battery packs come with heavy duty wiring pre-connected to the battery. You can install your own favorite connector to match the equipment and wiring harness in your model.

We recommend Power Pole 45 Amp connectors for use with LiPo packs and supply Power Pole connectors with our Power Packs. If you are ordering a stand alone POLYPRO battery pack (see above) we can supply Power Pole connectors for you to install yourself or or we can install them for you. We strongly recommend having us install Power Pole connectors for you if you are going to use your POLYPRO battery pack in one of our models. We have the correct parts and crimping tools to do the job right. Please see Power Pole connector options and pricing below.