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Change Log Highlights Since Introduction

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Year Month Day Production Change Approximate Date Description of Change
20010130 - Hinges double pinned, inboard and outboard on ailerons and elevators, top and bottom on rudder. Not only are the control surfaces hinged with real hinges and then installed, they are now anchored into place with metal pins.  
- Clevises upgraded to new factory version with either brass pin or screw. 
2000 04 01 - Main landing gear upgraded from Aluminum to Fibreglass. Much much stronger. 
1999 05 01 - Dubro clevises used throughout in conjunction with VMAR "Dubro Inside" full line upgrade program
- new pushrod system for elevator and rudder. Metal threaded rod in plastic support tube.
- change over completed to Real Hinge with Metal Pin for all hinged components in all colors. This has been underway since late 1998.
1999 01 01 - Pilot Figure and Cockpit Graphics Added
- Metal Pin Added To Clevises
- Main Gear upgraded from 3mm to 4mm HD Aluminum
- Power Module removable firewall system replaced fixed single firewall
- Yellow model Introduced in addition to existing Red and Blue.
- Fibreglass in Cowl upgraded to enhanced quality
- enhanced factory QA and inspection process implemented.
- better packaging, protective plastic bags and outer shipping boxes
1998 07 01 - Blue model introduced in addition to existing Red model
- EZ quick links redesigned and supplied with all kits
- better packaging of sub-components
- wood quality improved throughout VMAR line
- universal servo try for Sanwa/Airtronics, JR, Futaba with factory labelling of rods and servo locations


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