Location Above Wing         box says
* Length See Notes Below 47 in. 1194  mm 50
Material Wood        
Method Built Up        
Sheeted Fully Yes      
Shape Body Curved      
Shape Turtle Deck Flat as per actual  
Covering Factory Applied Yes      
Covering Type PolyCote ECS    
Covering Heat Shrinkable Yes Med Temp  
Covering Repairable Yes w/Heat Iron & Gun
Pushrods Factory Installed Yes      
Pushrods Rudder 1      
Pushrods Elevator 2      
Pushrods Throttle 1 One Piece  
Pushrods Material Steel 2 mm    
Pushrods Threaded Yes 1 End  
Pushrods In Guide Tubes Yes Nylon    
Pushrod  Exit Guides Yes      
Rudder Servo Required Yes 1 Stand  
Rudder Servo Location In Tray Centre  of Fuse
Elevator Servo Required Yes 2 Stand  
Elevator Servo Location In Tray Centre  of Fuse
Throttle Servo Required Yes  1 Stand  
Throttle Servo Location In Tray Centre  of Fuse
Servo Tray Included Yes      
Servo Tray Plastic Yes      
Servo Tray Number of Servos 3      
Servo Tray Servo Function Throttle Elev Rud  
Servo Tray Switch Mount Yes      
Servo Tray Universal  Yes      
Servo Tray Adjustable Yes      
Servo Tray Fits Stand Airtron Yes      
Servo Tray Fits Stand Futaba Yes      
Servo Tray Fits Stand JR Yes      
Servo Tray Fits Stand HiTech Yes      
Servo Tray Location  in Centre of Fuse
Windshield Factory Installed Yes      
Pilot Factory Installed Yes 1    
Cockpit Instrument Panel Yes      
Cockpit Liner Not      
Markings Top Rivets and Panel Lines
Markings Bottom Rivets and Panel Lines
Markings Left Side QW714      
Markings Right Side QW714      
* Color Top vs Bottom Not Same    
* Color Top Main Gray Blue      
* Color Top Trim Green Black    
* Color Top Lines    White      
* Color Top Rivets White      
* Color Bottom Main Sky Blue      
* Color Bottom Trim Gray      
* Color Bottom Lines Gray      
* Color Bottom Rivets Gray      
* Color Side Main Gray Blue      
* Color Side Trim Green Sky Blue Orange
* Color Side Lines Gray White    
* Color Side Rivets Gray White    
Accuracy of Dimensions provided here is within 3% in production
"na" =  not applicable
"?" = estimated and yet to be confirmed
Colors May vary within and between production runs
M Blue = Midnight Blue
L Blue = Light Blue
Blk = Black
Rudder or Elevator whichever is longest
Length may vary slightly depending on engine.
Left and Right are relative to sitting in the cockpit and
  looking forward towards the front of the fuselage.