Type Tail Dragger No      
Type Trike Yes      
Nose Gear Type Wire with Coil  
Nose Gear Wire diameter 0.15625 in. 4  mm
Nose Gear Mounted to Forward Fire Wall  
Nose Gear Factory Bent Yes      
Nose Gear Shock Coil Yes      
Nose Gear Axle Points Left      
Nose Gear Height axle to fuse 3.625 in. 92  mm
Nose    Wheel Provided Yes      
Nose    Wheel Diameter 2.4375 in. 62  mm
Nose Wheel Treaded Yes Plain Tread  
Nose Gear Axle Provided Yes      
Nose Gear Collars Provided Yes 5    
Nose Gear Strut Provided No      
Nose Gear Strut Pre-installed na      
Nose Gear Wheel Pant Yes      
Nose Gear Retract Ready na      
Nose Gear Retract Possible na      
Nose Gear Steerable Yes      
Nose Gear Steers from Side Left      
Main Gear Type Fibreglass      
Main Gear Wire diameter na      
Main Gear Mounted to Fuselage      
Main Gear Factory Bent Yes      
Main Gear Shock Coil na      
Main Gear Axles Point Out      
Main Gear Stance (wh<>wh) 16.25 in. 413  mm
Main Wheels Provided Yes 2    
Main    Wheel Diameter 2.4375 in. 62  mm
Main Wheels Treaded Yes Plain Tread  
Main Gear Axles Provided Yes 2    
Main Gear Collars Provided Yes 4    
Main Gear Struts Provided na      
Main Gear Struts Pre-installed na 2    
Main Gear Wheel Pants na      
Main Gear Retract Ready na      
Main Gear Retract Possible na      
Tail Gear Type na      
Tail Gear Wire diameter na      
Tail Gear Mounted to na      
Tail Gear Factory Bent na      
Tail Gear Shock Coil na      
Tail Gear Axle Points na      
Tail Gear Height axle to fuse na      
Tail   Wheel Provided na      
Tail   Wheel Diameter na      
Tail   Wheel Treaded na      
Tail Gear Axle Provided na      
Tail Gear Collars Provided na      
Tail Gear Strut Provided na      
Tail Gear Strut Pre-installed na      
Tail Gear Wheel Pant na      
Tail Gear Retract Ready na      
Tail Gear Retract Possible na      
Tail Gear Steerable na      
Tail Gear Steering Arm na      
Accuracy of Dimensions provided here is within 3% in production
"na" =  not applicable
"?" = estimated and yet to be confirmed