Location Below Fuselage        
Span Tip to Tip 63.75 in. 1619  mm
Area Includes Saddle 670 sq in 4323  sq cm
Airfoil Symmetrical        
Dihedral At Centre No      
Polyhedral At Gull Yes      
Taper Leading Edge Yes      
Taper Trailing Edge Yes      
Chord At Root 11.75  in. 298  mm
Chord At tip end Aileron 7.75  in. 197  mm
Thickness Maximum 2  in. 51  mm
Material Wood        
Method Built Up   .    
Sheeted Fully Yes .    
Ribs Capped na      
Covering Factory Applied Yes      
Covering Type Film      
Covering Heat Shrinkable Yes Low Temp  
Covering Repairable Yes Soft Cloth & Gun
Ailerons Installed Yes      
Aileron Type Strip 2    
Ailerons Pinned in place Yes      
Aileron Hinges/Aileron 3      
Aileron Hinges Metal Pin Yes      
Aileron Servo Required Yes 2 Stand  
Aileron Servo Location Out board in wing
Aileron Extensions Included Yes 2 Futaba & Air Z
Aileron  Extension Length 24 in. 610  mm
Aileron Y-Conn Included Yes 1 Futaba & Air Z
Aileron Servo Rails In Place Yes  
Aileron Servo Cover Plate Yes 2 0  
Ailerons Flaperon Ready Yes with Comp Radio
Servo Information 0      
Flaps Installed No      
Flaps Type na      
Flaps Pinned in place na      
Flaps Hinges/Flap na      
Flaps Hinges Metal Pin na      
Joining Wood Spar Joiner Yes 1    
Joining Wood Dowels Yes 2    
Joining Use 30min Epoxy Yes      
Mounting Nylon Bolts Yes 2    
Mounting LE Wood Dowel Yes 1    
Markings Top "6WF" Stars Bars  
Markings Bottom "6WF" Stars Bars  
* Color Top vs Bottom Not Same    
* Color Top Main M Blue      
* Color Top Trim Red Blk White  
* Color Top Lines    Gray      
* Color Top Rivets Gray      
* Color Bottom Main L Blue      
* Color Bottom Trim Red Blk White M Blue
* Color Bottom Lines Gray      
* Color Bottom Rivets Gray      
Accuracy of Dimensions provided here is within 3% in production
"na" =  not applicable
"?" = estimated and yet to be confirmed
Colors May vary within and between production runs
M Blue = Midnight Blue
L Blue = Light Blue
Blk = Black
Red = Flame Red
Area of Wing includes wing saddle area, ailerons & flaps etc
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