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The sweetest ARF on the water world wide! We've taken the VMAR Beaver 40 ARF and created a scale like float set that compliments the VMAR Beaver 40 ARF like cream works with peaches!



Span: 72 in (1829 mm)
Area: 774 sq in
Airfoil: Symmetrical
Length: 43-46 in. (1092-1168 mm) depending on engine used.
Flying Weight (Dry): 6 - 6-1/2 lbs (2730-2950g)
Engine: .40 -.61 cu in. (6.0-10cc). GMS-47PRO or Enya 50CX Recommended. For Floats recommend using GMS-61PRO or Enya 60XF4ALC
Radio: 4ch with 4 servos. Use 5 ch & 5 servos for flaperons.
Main Gear: Fibreglass
Retracts: na
Cowl: Fibreglass
First Introduced: 2001 02 25

The VMAR Dehavilland Beaver 45-60 Semiscale ARF has set the standard in it's class! Another unique semi-scale model from VMAR that pushes way beyond what you've come to expect in an ARF!

Available in Yellow (#VMA-B140C as shown) and in White (#VMA-B140W) primary colors.


Quality Engineered by Modelers for Modelers!

Only from VMAR Manufacturing... setting the standard in Affordable RC products.

This is a hot item. Get your order in today!


  • Fibreglass pre-painted Cowl.
  • Aluminum Wing Struts.
  • Heavy Duty Main Landing Gear.
  • Steerable Tail Wheel Assembly pre-installed.
  • Hardware, lightweight wheels and tank included!
  • Assembly Manual
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