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The new VMAR MIG-21 60-91 ARF JET (Prop) ARF 3DS joins the VMAR Jet (Prop) line up!  Using VMAR proprietary manufacturing techniques we've shaped and built up the entire model using selected light ply and balsa and avoided the need to use foam or vaccum formed plastic components. The result is a very scale like "round"  fuselage and plug in delta wing that looks the way it is supposed to ... like a reduced size rendition of a MIG 21!  

To push the "SCALE" part of semi-scale even further, we've included a custom shaped metal spinner AND a pre-finished fibreglass cowl!

Extensive flight testing has ensured that the MIG21 can be flown by flyers with intermediate experience levels...  JETS are not just for the experts anymore! And you don't have to sell a car or mortgage your house... the MIG21 has a surprisingly low price!

Works well with a .60 2-stroke engine and really moves with a .91! 

It's RETRACT READY! We've included nicely machined fixed gear and allowed for easy installation of retracts.



VMAR offers semi-scale functional Oleo Strut Sets for the VMAR Jets (Prop). These Oleo Strut Sets consist of a pair of Main Oleos and a Nose Oleo plus wheels for all! Very tough, very good looking and very economical. Beside from just looking great, functional Oleo Struts help protect your model from damage during hard landings and when operating from rough fields.

VMAR Oleo Struts lock on to the existing main gear wires. Very easy to install.

Priced very reasonably with a combo special with any VMAR ARF Jet  that reduces the price from $79.95 to $39.95... that's not each... that's for the WHOLE SET!





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The VMAR MIG-21 60-91 ARF JET (Prop) ARF 3DS utilizes the revolutionary VCOTE 2 - 3DS 3D Detailing System.  

What is VCOTE 2 - 3DS?

VCOTE 2 - 3DS is a proprietary 3D Detailing System engineered in Canada and used on our premium VMAR ARF models where scale detailing and a tough long lasting covering is essential! Rivets and some of the hatches and panel lines are actually 3D. They are recessed into the surface skin like the real thing!

VCOTE 2 - 3DS is totally different and simply the best covering and detailing system available. VCOTE 2 - 3DS builds on our POLYCOTE ECS technology and goes a lot farther. All the detailing is inside the covering... no decals, no strips, no stripes and totally fuel proof.

Best of all... VCOTE 2 - 3DS is very sag resistant. Extensively tested in direct sunlight and heated air up to 130F!


Incredible Graphics & Detailing!

Covered with VCOTE-2 3DS in a unique blend of authentic colors and semi-scale detailing and redefines "semi-scale"!


Picture of Flying Prototype. (Click on Image for HiRes Version)

(Click on Image for HiRes Version)

(Click on Image for HiRes Version)

In addition to using VCOTE 2 - 3DS, nothing even comes close to the incredible graphics detailing offered by VMAR! 


  • All Wood Built Up Construction!
  • VCOTE 2 - 3DS 3D Detailing System!
  • Factory Installed Pilot and Cockpit Detailing!
  • Composite clamp style Engine Mount!
  • Scale like rendition of panel lines, rivets and graphics!
  • Symmetrical Delta Plug-In Wing!
  • Flaperon Ready! Flap and Air Brake Ready!
  • Retract Ready!
    • Mechanical Recommended such as... Robart #ROB-608HD Mains & #ROB-610 Nose Gear
  • Pre-hinged Control Surfaces... Factory Installed and Pinned!
  • Control Rods pre-installed!
  • Full Color Illustrated Assembly Manual


Quality Engineered by Modelers for Modelers!

Only from VMAR Manufacturing... setting the standard in Affordable RC products.

This is a hot item! Get your order in today!


  • VMAR Universal Servo Tray for Airtronics, Futaba, JR, Hi-Tech standard servos
  • Clamp style composite Engine Mount!
  • Pre-installed Pushrods and Control Surfaces!
  • Metal Clevises!
  • Pre-Finished Fibreglass Cowl!
  • Hardware, wheels, gear struts and tank!
  • Custom Shaped Metal Spinner!
  • Full Color Assembly Manual.
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