More Pictures DORNIER DO27 45-61 ARF ECS Fuselage


POLYCOTE ECS Enhanced Covering System! UltraTough Polyester! No Decals! No Layers! No Strips! No Stripes! No Drag! Totally Fuel Proof! Colors and Details are inside the POLYCOTE! All factory installed! All Wood Construction.

Wing saddle area on top of fuselage. Note factory installed foam cushion (gray) applied to wing saddle and beneath leading edge of wing. Note wing bolt attachment points (black). 
Right Side of Fuselage showing Graphic Detailing! Note the scalloped camouflage edges! Only possible with POLYCOTE ECS Enhanced Graphics System!

POLYCOTE ECS. No Decals! No Layers! No Strips! No Stripes!.

Picture of Fuselage as seen from right side.

Picture of Fuselage as seen from left side.

View of Top of Fuselage.

View of Bottom of Fuselage.


Inside of fuselage looking rearward.

Curved top of fuselage visible above. 

Note all clean wood construction. No Foam!

Factory Installed Control Rods!


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