Hardware Parts Bags included with VMAR F4U Corsair 60-75ARF

These Parts Bags are all included with this model and packed in the Master Parts Bag for Shipping Purposes.

Loose Parts in the Master Parts Bag. The Master Parts Bag contains the wheels, engine mounts, wing spar joiner and Y harness for connecting to the pre-installed wing servo (2)  wiring. Wheels may be packed in Main Gear Bag. Engines Mounts may be packed within a bag marked Engine Mount Bag.

Master Bag #VMA-C260UMB


Wing Parts Bag. The two control rods connect to horns already installed on the wing, The wood dowels & trim tape are for joining the wing along with the wing spar joiner packed in the Master Parts Bag.


Main Gear Parts Bag. This is a tail dragger set complete with pre-installed struts. Includes clamps, screws, wheel collars and wheels. Also two plastic gear doors with pre-applied graphics. May also include main wheels.



Side view of one of the pre-mounted struts contained in the Landing Gear Parts Bag. As shown in singles #VMA-STR045S also includes wheel. Plastic Strut only without wire or wheel #VMA-STR045
Control Horn Parts Bag. Each horn set consists of a nylon bevelled washer (shown to the left) a bolt, a nylon T shaped nut, a metal lock nut and a nylon control horn (right). #VMA-CHSET
Engine Mount Parts Bag. Cast Aluminum with clamping plates and hex head machine screws. Fits just about any engine suitable for this model. #RRC-MOUNTUNI.

May be packed loose in the Main Parts Bag.

Misc Parts Bag. Tail Gear set, wheel and miscellanous mounting screws and washers.  #VMA-C260UXPB 
Spare Parts Bag. Just in case you lose something... we've included some spares. May vary slightly from that shown #VMA-C260USPB

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