More Pictures of RCAF Harvard Wing

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Top of Right Wing showing RCAF Graphic.

at0014cwinggraphicrcaf copy.jpg (18562 bytes)

Bottom of Left Wing showing Graphic

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Cross sectional view of wing root before wings are joined. Note cavity for spar joiner and holes for two alignment dowels at0014c_harvard_wing_root_copy.jpg (9868 bytes)

Picture of wing bolt alignment insert.

Note at top of picture the "front flange" added to wing for scale like appearance where wing meets fuselage wing saddle.

at0014c_harvard_wing_bolt_guide_copy.jpg (15413 bytes)

Wing servo tray liners. Only one servo is needed for standard aileron operation. Note provision for a second servo if flaperon capability is wanted.

at0014c_harvard_wing_servotrayliners_copy.jpg (14519 bytes)

Graphic Detailing.


c0024cwinggraphicdetail1.jpg (9402 bytes)

Graphic Detailing.

c0024cwinggraphicdetail2.jpg (8709 bytes)

Graphic Detailing.

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