More Pictures of RCAF Harvard Servo Tray

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Picture of Servo Tray before installing universally adjustable sliders as shown below.

vma_servotray_withoutsliders copy.jpg (23609 bytes)

Picture of Servo Tray with universally adjustable sliders highlighted in purple shading. Adjust to fit length of Futaba, Airtronics, JR or Hi-Tech standard servo. Tighten screws to lock slider into position.

vma_servotray_withsliders copy2.jpg (36450 bytes)

Picture of EZ Connectors with Allen head set screws (black). Allen key included.

vma_ezconnector copy.jpg (16971 bytes)

Picture showing final assembly. First remove Allen head screws. Screw internal (not shown) screw through servo arm. Mount two nut... apply thread lock such as Pacer Z42 and tighten nuts securely. Insert control rod, apply thread lock and tighten set screw securely.

vma_ezconnector_toservoarm4_withrodandsetscrew_dropshadow_copy.jpg (12235 bytes)

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