More Pictures of RCAF Harvard  Fuselage

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View from right side of fuselage slightly aft of cockpit looking forward.

Pilot and Cockpit Graphics Included

at0014ccockpitfromrightrear.jpg (17674 bytes)

View from left side of fuselage near firewall looking aft.

Pilot figure paint scheme varies from model to model.

Note Scale Detailing on Fuselage

at0014ccockpitfromleftfront.jpg (17912 bytes)

Fuselage RCAF detailing shown from left side

at0014cfuselageleftsidemid.jpg (16493 bytes)

Power Module System shown with tank partially inserted into fuselage

View from right side of fuselage forward of firewall looking aft.

Power Module Sytstem Standard with all Harvards

c0024cpowermodulehalfinserted.jpg (13494 bytes)

Control Rods for Rudder and elevator left side. Note exit guides, Dubro Clevises on threaded steel rods.Horizontal Stabilizer dowels visible at top. Dubro_Inside_990122e_copy.jpg (28657 bytes)

at0014ccontrolrodexits.jpg (13959 bytes)

Inside of fuselage showing tank location and radio bay.

View from bottom of fuselage with tail left.

Note double wall fuselage construction to provide scale like external appearance

at0014cfusewingsaddleinternal.jpg (13724 bytes)

Inside of fuselage showing universal servo tray and steel control rods in guide tubes

View from bottom of fuselage looking slightly aft.

at0014cfusewingsaddleareaandservotray.jpg (19243 bytes)

Internal view of inverted fuselage taken from radio bay looking aft.

Note all wood construction. No Foam.

Note steel control rods in plastic guide tubes. Positioning bar supplied, to be final positioned after radio installation

at0014cfuseviewinternalaftfromradiobay.jpg (13659 bytes)

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