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SAFETY SCOOP (YELLOW) WITH SPRING LID & CARRY BAG   SAFETY SCOOP is perfect for safer pickup of syringes, sharps, animal droppings, litter and messy refuse. Reduces risk from sharps injuries. To avoid the unpleasant feel and puncture risk when using plastic bags or thin gloves... USE A SAFETY SCOOP! Safer, cleaner, faster, easier! Ideal for schools, parks, beaches, playgrounds, around the house and for use by first responders, community, maintenance and OSH workers.
SAFETY SCOOP 5x8in. T YELLOW w/BAG (0001 LOT $ea)
SAFETY SCOOP 5x8in. T YELLOW w/BAG (0001 LOT $ea)
Part # VGS-58TYB001 (rn_ur)
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