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THICKEST GEL WILL NOT DRIP - CHILD RESISTANT   ZAP GEL is our thickest superglue! Great for vertical applications. No Drips! Works well on porous, rough surfaces and for filling gaps! Sets in 35-60 seconds. Cures strong and clear! Water resistant. Use for pewter and plastic gaming figures, jewelry, models, laminating and more. Accelerate with Zip Kicker. Packaged for legal sale in Canada in tinted vials that also prolong shelf life. > ZAP-GEL THICKEST CA 3 ml (.11 oz) {pac-prices}
ZAP-GEL THICKEST CA  3 ml (.11 oz) {pac-prices}

ZAP-GEL THICKEST CA 3 ml (.11 oz) {pac-prices}

Part # PAC-GEL03 (rn_cr)

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