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SLOWZAP (YELLOW) THICK SLO CURE - CHILD RESISTANT   SLO ZAP is thick and an excellent gap filler. As a slow cure super glue SLO ZAP has a high cured strength suitable for stressed areas. SLO ZAP forms a very clean even fillet around all types of joints and provides 30-40 seconds for laminating layers and positioning parts. Cure speed can be accelerated by ZIP-KICKER. Packaged for legal sale in Canada using tinted vials that also prolong shelf life. > SLOW-ZAP 28 ml (1 oz) {pac-prices}
SLOW-ZAP    28  ml (1   oz) {pac-prices}

SLOW-ZAP 28 ml (1 oz) {pac-prices}

Part # PAC-SZ28 (rn_cr)

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