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ZAP-A-GAP (GREEN) MEDIUM CURE - CHILD RESISTANT   ZAP-A-GAP CA+ is our most popular superglue! Medium viscosity gap filling formula allows approximately 7-10 seconds for part positioning and an average cure time of 20 seconds. Consistently works on almost all materials including oily metals and pitchy woods. Solves difficult to bond problems. Use with Zip Kicker to accelerate cure time. Packaged for legal sale in Canada using tinted vials that prolong shelf life. > ZAP-A-GAP 14 ml (1/2 oz) {pac-prices}
ZAP-A-GAP   14  ml (1/2 oz) {pac-prices}

ZAP-A-GAP 14 ml (1/2 oz) {pac-prices}

Part # PAC-CA+14 (rn_cr)

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