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  • Formerly Sanyo Cadnica prior to Panasonic purchase of Sanyo Battery Division.
  • Genuine Panasonic (Sanyo Cadnica) SCR Nicad 1.2 Volt cells are a long time favorite for use in RC, Robots and Cordless Tools due to long life in demanding conditions and fast charge capability.
  • Genuine 2500SCR cells are made in Japan and offer extra capacity (2500 mAh) in the same Sub-C size cell approx. 22 x 43mm. Weight 55g (1.94oz)
  • Slow charge at 250mA for 14-16 hours. Fast Charge at up to 3750 mA for 40-60 minutes.


RC Cars, Boats, Aircraft. Robots, Cordless Tools.


Brand New stock. Made by Panasonic (formerly Sanyo Cadnica) in Japan.


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