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Z-71 Thread Locker is the finest high strength red thread locker money can buy, and has hundreds of uses. Lock set screws, axle and drive nuts, engine mounting screws, or any screw that keeps your R/C airplane, helicopter, car, or boat from coming apart. Z-71 Thread Locker isn't just for hobbies, use on autos, boats, snow mobiles, lawn equipment, tools, bicycles, and even toys. Anywhere metal fasteners are subjected to vibration that can cause them to loosen and fall out, Z-71 Thread Locker helps to keep things together!

Helpful Hints: 

Z-71 is intended to lock things on to stay. It is for heavy duty applications where the nut or bolt simply cannot be allowed to vibrate loose. Disassembly will require heat. For moderate duty applications use Z-42 (Blue) thread locker.

Apply Z-71 in small amounts, this is very important on small fasteners. Just a small drop right on the threads is all that is needed. When ordering, review the Z-71 Related Items for tips and tubes that help place small amounts of Z-71 just where you need them. The screw or nut cannot be loosened easily after Z-71 Thread Locker has hardened. To assist with removal of parts after Z-71 has cured, apply some heat directly on the screw or nut to soften the Z-71. Being alert for fire and heat use a soldering iron or small torch.


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