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The AIR-VG660FME version of the Vanguard VG6000 6ch FM Computer Radio is intended for use with an electric powered model. The VG660FME does NOT include servos, switch or airborne battery pack. It does include a transmitter battery and charger.

Modelers will need to supply servos suitable for their model and an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) with BEC.


Upgrading from an analog system to a computer system has never been easier! Up-front programming makes the new VG6000 the easiest computer radio to operate. No menus to mess with, all programming is done from one screen!

Better yet... the VG6000 comes with the following comprehensive list of standard and advanced features: Dual Rate Aileron and Elevator, Exponential Aileron and Elevator, End Point Adjustment on all channels, Servo Centering on all channels, Servo Reversing on all channels, V-Tail Mixing, Delta Wing Mixing, Flaperon Mixing, Aileron Differential, Flap to Elevator Mixing, 4 Model Memory, Elevator to Flap Mixing, Timer, Transmitter Battery Display, Digital Trims, Trainer System, 3 Position Flap Switch, Throttle Cut, Low Battery Warning.


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